Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Quick update:

Buffy finale - Color me unimpressed, it was adequate but not enough in my mind to make up for the lackluster season.

Smallville - I'm not a devoted watcher, but am I suppossed to be rooting for Clark and Lana? Cause I'm totally rooting for evil Chloe to
put some smackdown on them. Oh, and her talking to the elder Luthor, totally smoking hot. I guess I'm just a hopeless Chloe fanboy.

There's a free screening of Bruce Almighty at the Fountains tommorrow night, so guess where I'll be. Hopefully Rilee will show up too.

I think I may be developing psychic powers because I so guessed my sister was sending me a Beaker fingerpuppet when I talked to her.
I was correct. So now I have two since I bought one the first time I saw it at Starbucks. hehehe. She knows me well. She also wasn't lying about
writing 'B-day Chair fund' on her check. Color me amused. I wasn't expecting chocolate covered almonds. Yummy!

Acts of Gord - a humorous look at Game Store retail life.
I found this quite amusing. I like Gord.
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