Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Distant Worlds

I had a good time at the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy symphony concert last night at Jones Hall. Forgot my phone at home so I don't have any cosplay pics though. I had good seats near mid orchestra, so good that the composer Nobuo Uematsu came and sat about 6 steps away at the end of the row below me when he came and sat in the audience.

I didn't dress up because it's usually hot at these things in summer, and sure enough I was sweating before the show started, but it cooled down slightly when they started. Still way too hot for a theater.

Good showing. The show sold out in Houston. By my rough estimate, a $350k box office, not counting merchandising and meet and greet tickets.

Good mix too. I'd say the crowd was almost 50% women, and a mix of early forties down, although more twenty year olds than any other group.

Also Recently....

Passed my PMP practice exam with a 65%. You need 61% to pass. Good...but clearly, I have room for improvement.
Heh. The ticket to return from Vegas is twice as expensive as the one out there.
Volunteered at Hobby last weekend for Wicked. Met Sul Ross V, fellow volunteer. Decendent of Texas A&M's ole Sully. 11:56 AM Jul 21st
Booking reward travel on partner airlines is a pain in the ass. Wish I could xfer Krisflyer/Singapore miles to Continental.
Saw Haynesville last night, a documentary about how the Haynesville shale changed the lives of DeSoto parish Louisianans. 9:45 AM Jul 16th

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