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Laughter is Contagious - Comedy on TV

Laughter is Contagious! This is a very simple concept, and one reason why the old Carol Burnett show still lives on in my heart as the funniest thing ever.
This is also why I watch Leno over Letterman even though Letterman is probably funnier and more orginal. What do these shows have that endear me to them?
People laughing and cracking up on camera. Kevin Eubanks laughs at Jay's jokes. Carol, Tim, Harvey, and Lyle couldn't keep a straight face most of the time, and tried to get each other to crack up all the time. I think that was the key element of the show, they were trying to make each other laugh, and we laughed right along with them. My favorite skit has to be when Sammy Davis Jr. was a guest star and he and Tim were slave rowers in a boat with Harvey as the slave master. Towards the beginning of the skit while they were rowing their prop oar broke and they all just lost it in fits of laughter. They kept going though and plowed right on through the bit cracking up the whole time. There was this outtake on the Bob Hope special they aired awhile back that involved Bob and Red Skelton doing a read through of a scene. Red just improved half the scene and joked about the bad writing on the skit such as one of his comebacks," '..and so's your mother!' That's the best your crack writing team can do Bob? There are retired comics in the Catskills who have better lines than that!" and him and Bob just went back and forth with the rest of the cast for the skit scene on the ground laughing. That's what should have aired because it was so much funnier than the stupid skit. That's why one of my favorite recent
SNL skits is the one with Julianna Margolis starring as the date for a guy who couldn't digest, so the family had to regurgitate and feed him like a little bird.
And the whole SNL cast was cracking up the whole time they did it. I think all sitcoms should be filmed a little Live and loose and aired that way. You lose some
of that spontentainty and humor when you do the same thing 5 times. Of course they tried this with On the Spot, which I thought was pretty good, and it got cancelled.
Who's Line is it Anyway isn't on the Fall 2003 schedule, and Jimmy Kimmel live is on too late and I haven't remembered to tape it yet. It would seem I'm in the minority.

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