Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Principles of Relativity

So deep philosophy time..
Carpe Diem.
We only have so much time, and it shouldn't be spent waiting to live but rather living life to the fullest.

Love and Pain is relative.
You may love somebody as much as you ever have today and think that's true love,
but it may pale in comparison to the love you have two years from now with another person.
You think 'How could I think such a paltry feeling earlier was really love when it pales in comparison to what
I'm feeling now?'
But at the earlier time it was the strongest love you'd ever felt, so how could you know there was better?
That's what relativity means in love.

Pain's the same way. We quickly scoff and say, 'That's not to bad, don't be such a wimp." if some kid
cuts his knee or something. But to that poor kid, that may be the worst pain he's ever felt. He's never had
kidney or gall stones, never given birth, never experienced how painful pain can really be. So when he says, "But it hurts bad."
he's not lying, he just doesn't have the sense of proportion living through the more painful things gives you.
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