Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

The Long Walk

Took a long walk today. The destination was Walgreens for some sinus medicine, but that was only part of the reason.

The Duck Pond - Stop 1 at 9AM Starting temp. 80 degrees
On the way there I stopped at the little office park across the street that has two ducks in residence at a little pond. I fed them my stale melba toast stuff, and then threw some in the water to feed the fish when they quit eating it. The fish must be hungry, because they attacked the melba toast slices like pirannas. They are swarming and pushing this melba toast slice around by sheer numbers of little minnow type fish hitting it, and push it close to the edge, at which point the duck goes over to the edge and I thought was gonna get the soggy piece of toast. He totally ignored the toast and got him a few beak fulls of little fish, then when they ran away, he went back to the tree until they came back and were swarming again. Then he waddled back over there and got some more fish. He was a real clever carnivore.

Stop 2 - Mexian restaurant 10AM
Ate at a little mexican restaurant that just opened up, and they won't be open long. My chips were stale and my diet coke was flat. I brought the coke to his attention and he was like, 'Well I don't know how to work the machine.' I changed the C02 for many fountain drink dispensers when I worked concession at the movie theatre, and let me tell you it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do it.

Stop 3 - Walgreens 11 AM
Got the medicine and was amused by a Chicken Dance chicken. You pushed the button and the chicken danced while the chicken dance music played. Very funny and on sale for $10 but I resisted the urge to buy it.

Stop 4 - Good Eats Grill at Westheimer and Wilcrest - Noon
I had to go to the bathroom and they were the only place open nearby with one. I got a Pina Colada there. Yum! They made it the right way, with Coco Lopez, Pineapple juice, and good rum. I hate the ones made from a mix. I'll be returning there next time I feel like drinking two pina coladas.

Stop 5 - 75% Off Books at 12:30 pm

Didn't find anything there today.
This reminds me of a story. Rilee and me went here a few months ago and were looking at all the books, notably the entertainment section. Anyway there was a Bibleman book and a Richard Jeni book. I said I liked Jeni since that sitcom with Jamie Curtis and he bet me that Jamie Lee Curtis never did a sitcom with Jeni. He was wrong, they did 'Anything but Love', so I won that bet, but subsequently lost back my winnings when he bet me Bibleman was that guy from 8 is Enough and Charles in Charge. It is, which I was like 'No way!'. Apparently he had a drug problem and found God in rehab and devoted his lift to ministry. I think it's corny as hell, but I did have to agree it beats ODing in some hotel, and apparently Bibleman is great hero to the Rod and Todd Flanders of the world.
The goofy guy on the right from the picture below.

Became this guy.

<img src="http://" alt="" align="bottom">
In the last pic he kinda looks like the guy from Half Life a little.

Last stop - Home at 1pm. Temperature 94 degrees. So I was kinda sweaty and tired.

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