Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Good day Sunshine

What a pretty day. I went swimming and sunning today. Dragonflies zoomed over the beautiful pool and waterfall. Man the pool area is gorgeous here. They cut back the vegetation a bit more than I would prefer, so now you can see the hottub pump, but other than that the landscaping never ceases to bring tranquility to my life. I can just tread water in the pool and look at the pretty waterfall for hours if I wasn't afraid of getting a sunburn.

I also did a few chores, watched my taped shows, The Amazing Race, Jimmy Kimmel, and Regis and played some computer games. Caroline Rhea is now single again so I can now fawn over her again without feeling too bad. And Aston Krucher? the kid from the 70's Show and punked is dating Demi Moore. That's either cool or cruel. I imagine if they ever break up he can bring the film crew over and tell her she's been punked. Now I'm off to dinner.

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