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Weekend Update

Friday I saw the nose doc after work, and he said I was healing fine and if the slight cough I have left over from my cold didn't go away he'd prescribe me some antibiotics if I call.
The nose is still a bit runny every now and then but he said that's to be expected. I had a battle with Karma over going to the doctors. I usually park at the Burger King lot, get a drink and then
walk to the St. Luke's tower for my appointment. Friday the towing people were there taking pictures of the lot so I couldn't do that, so I had to go park in the pay lot for $4. Then on the way out
a sincere looking guy asked me for bus money to get home, but I declined because I had to pay for parking today. If I handn't had to pay I would have given him the money.

Jiggernaught rocked Friday at the Mucky Duck. They played the best show I've ever seen by them, and they got a few new band members that were pretty talented. Still no fiddler though. They also had Mr. Smith from the now defunct Clandestine play on a few songs, and a great one on the Bombard which was loud as hell but totally rocked. I had a great time, and Jessica seemed to really enjoy it. It was a bit worried when not one but two pipers got up to play but the loudness and bagpipes didn't scare her away. We sat right next to the stage, but we had our own personal little table which was nice as I ususally sit at the single table vith Vern. Conrad and Ron the old cross dresser.
She's such a innocent sometimes, even though I described the table and Ron she didn't realize which one was him till halfway through the first set, and believe me it's not hard to tell.
She confimed that she'll also join me for the Austin Lounge Lizards later this month. She also liked the flowers I got her.

Sometime Saturday I apparently hurt my back by pulling a muscle somewhere. I think maybe Saturday morning, but there's nothing that stands out as a cause in my mind. I then took a long nap. I went and saw The Hulk movie with Riley at the Alamo late Saturday night. I wasn't planning on seeing it but Rilee's unemployed again so I thought I'd go with him to cheer him up a bit. I had low expectations, so it was better than I had expected. The love interest Jennifer Connaly (of Labrynth) looks uncannily like a young Erin Grey (aka Wilma) in her Buck Rogers days now. Rilee said she had breast reduction surgery, which is sad. Before the movie we saw a short documentary type thing on Lou Ferrigno who will be doing an appearance at Alamo sometime in the near future. He's a really interesting guy, and at one point he made a comment that he never met anybody that didn't like him as the Hulk in the television series, which I think is true. He was a awesome Hulk, and able to display a great deal of emotion under all the makeup without saying anything or having any acting training. He said he also had to do all his own stunts because there wasn't a stuntman who was even close to his size back then. I though that was a great show, Bill Bixby was also great on there. I still have the piano theme to that show on my play list, its so moving to me because they always played it at the end of the show as he had to leave town at the end of each show. It's poignant.

I may go see Alex and Emma, the writer-transcriptionist love story with Kate Hudson, today with Jessica if I feel up to it. I may go see it at Dunvale so Wal-mart can do my oil change while I watch the movie.

SWG comes out this week, which I have a pre-order in on. I'm debating whether to pick it up and play as soon as they have my copy, or pick up the copy and wait a week or two for them to iron out any server issues that usually come up when a new online game goes live. We'll see how strong my willpower is and how bored I get after I pick it up.

I'm haven't done anything on the UT front. I've had the decision in the back of my mind all week just in case I had second doubts or a change of heart, but the more I've thought about it the more confident I feel my decision to defer one year is the right one for me. So I'll try to register and call them to defer tommorrow.

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