Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Equal Justice Under Law

From the Houston Chronicle on the striking down of bans against homosexual sex.

"Given previous rulings, it's extraordinary and it's inspiring that the court ruled that gays and lesbians be treated the same as their straight brothers and sisters, no better and no worse," said Charles Francis, founder of the Republican Unity Coalition, a gay-straight organization that counts former President Gerald Ford and former Sen. Alan Simpson as honorary members. "Today's ruling is not a victory for gays nearly so much as a victory for the four words carved in stone on the court house: Equal Justice Under Law."

As a Texan I'm somewhat embarassed we even still had this law on the books. Following my curiosity to see if anyone ever tried to repeal the Texas law in question I found out the following.

Debra Danburg, as a state representative, sponsored a bill to repeal the state's Homosexual Conduct Law. It cleared the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence in 2001, then died. As a member of the Texas House of Representative for eight terms, Debra Danburg is a Democrat currently running for re-election for District 137 for the State of Texas. This district encompasses the Houston areas of Montrose, the Heights, Memorial Park, Greenway Plaza, Highland Village, the Galleria and Gulfton areas.

I'll give her credit. She sure knows her constitutents.

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