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LXG Thoughts

This was a decent action flick that on further reflection becomes almost a comedy. I enjoyed it as a good popcorn flick, but man was the plot stupid.
I was still laughing about the plot after the movie with Rilee.

The conversation went something like this...

Me: "Mongolia? *chuckle* Why a base in Mongolia? I mean for an evil mastermind he must not have had any business distribution classes. You want to have your factory on a major
shipping lane and as close to the biggest customers as possible. And did Nemo just have all that arctic gear on his ship, or did they like have to stop in Hong Kong to pick it up?"

R: "And Mina was way overpowered from the comic book. I mean what was she doing standing around in sunlight? Is she a vampire or not? And I like the octopus design of Nemo's sub
better in the comics too."

Me: *chuckle, chuckle* Mongolia ? *chuckle* Yeah, and how did she do her face in that compact. Isn't she not suppossed to have a reflection then? And how did the evil villian beat them
from Venice to Mongolia? Wasn't Nemo's ship the fastest thing in the world even if it did have to get repairs?

R: Maybe it took them a few weeks and they just skipped over it. But yeah, and what was he doing at every crime seen just standing around and watching with out even a kung-fu lieutenant to
protect him. He's the girliest villian ever. He just ran away every time. Not even a dignified flourish of the cape and dramatic exit, just girly running.


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