Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Christmas Time

Christmas time is here and the shopping is hopping. I hate lines and crowded parking lots. This is the time of year when having a only a few friends pays off as I don't have to shop too much. It's looking like I won't get a kiss for New Year's as the possible dates have disappeared into the woodwork.

Amber visited Friday on her way down. She found me in a bad mood as I was trying to rearrange some things I got in a basket from Bath and Body Works. Turns out those bastards there practically weld the stuff to the basket, so I broke the lid off the tube of skin cream just getting it out of the basket. Grrr! Stupid people ! You shouldn't need to break out the exacto knife to get a bar of soap out of a gift basket. I mean really, come on people.

- Shaun

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