Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

In the 'I never thought it would happen to me.' file

Apologies to all my friends on the lack of quality entries. I'm slowly recovering from what the best guess is a re-irritation of my stomach ulcer from all my medicines. Plus, I've now taking medicine for depression, so I guess I fit in to LJ better than I thought. I never thought I'd have to take medicine for this, but lately it's been more than I can bear with and function in society. I'll probably be taking next week off, as my company has a strange sick-leave plan. In order to get extended illness leave, I have to take a 5 day block. I'm thinking that this is probably my best course of action because if I tried to make it at work and had to end up taking a day here or there it would eat up all my PTO. Plus the doc suggested I take a few days off to just recover from all the crap I've had lately.
So yeah I'm sick and depressed now but...

This Too Shall Pass.
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