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Man my VCR-fu sucks. I tried to tape Trading Spaces and the Restaurant, and got a Repossesion show and some Law & Order. Not to mention I deleted my programmed taping of Bonzai! and didn't get any Extreme Elimination Challenge.
It's funny becuase I set the VCR to tape Trading Spaces on Sunday and it came up with a Program Overlap message, so I looked at the other program and thought FOX? What was I taping on Sunday on Fox? So I deleted it. Maybe I need a Tivo.

I watched the Magnificient Seven the other day with Jessica, she got a new DVD player and she wanted to test it out. She asked me to help her set it up, but she had already done it by the time I got there. I wanted to watch it with the commentary, but they were talking all over the dialog so we just watched the regular part. I find that especially odd because there isn't that much dialog in the movie, so they had plenty of space to talk in the non-speaking parts.

I'm still on the light diet, but man today I was craving meat. My co-workers went to Goode Co. and had the mesquite burgers and were gushing over them and it made me crave one bad. I settled for a watered down bowl of Dinty Moore Beef Stew for dinner. I had EasyMac for lunch. Kelly Osborne was right, that stuff rocks. I also learned today not to make it in a tupperware bowl because it makes the water bubble over for some odd reason. It doesn't do that when I use a cermaic bowl.

I'm still coughing a bit, but the cough is definately getting better every day. Amazing the AllegraD the doc gave me seems to be helping get rid it. I read that Allegra also helps with asthma so I'm still not sure that's not what I have. I caved during a coughing fit this weekend and ordered some 'miracle' cures for coughing from the herbal guys and snake-oil salesmen of the internet. I've been using some herbal pills for sore throats when I felt one coming on in the past, and those really worked, so I figure what the heck.

My tub needs to be regrouted because the guy didn't use silicon or something that expands, and since the tup sinks a bit when it is full it cracks the caulk. He needs to use something that can expand and has a bit of give. I told the office this today as I got my mail. They are redoing our mailroom so I won't get mail for a few days, and we had to clean out our mailboxes today.

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