Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Shopping Shaun

Well, I went and bought a couple of pairs of slacks today, now I need to get them shortened to my stubby little leg specifications.

I also went by the Cingular Service center to see if they could reprogram my phone. Turns out that the 409 area code is now a local call from Houston so me dialing with the 1 in front like the old 1-409-xxx-xxxx is what was wrong.

I also went to the Home Depot, The Great Outdoors, Office Depot, and finally 75% Off Books looking for something to help me elevate the head of my bed so my stomach is happier when I sleep. I looked at boards, concrete stepping stones, reams of paper, and finally thick cheap 99 cent books on cats in the clearance aisle. That turned out to be the cheapest, cleanest solution. So now I just need to put them under the wheels and I should be all set.

I went to see Rilee at work today. He's working at Lasagna House II on Westheimer and Eldridge. It's a much nicer and bigger place than I thought it would be. I had the alfredo pasta with chicken, which my tummy said was ok to eat.
We may go see a movie tommorrow. I need to try to catch up with some of my older friends a bit.

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