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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-08-04 19:09
Subject: Don't Watch The Road to Slamball
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Ok, so I'm watching TNN, or Spike TV, because I love Extreme Elimination Challenge, where the japs do silly thing with MST like dubbing. I leave it on afterward as I'm doing chores and The Road to Slamball comes on, which is like following people as they try to make the team. Slamball is like basketball with trampolines. Anyway, it's a nice show with construction workers and ex-cons being profiled trying to make a better life for themselves. That is until they start showing the second day of practice. There are a few sprained ankles and such. Then the big accident injury happens. This guy practically severs his foot at the ankle, and they show him right afterward bleeding on the court as the trainers are rushing to him. No 'Viewer Discretion' warning or nothing. I so did not want to see that! Now that damn image is burned into my head. I'm squeemish to begin with so I don't watch 'Life in the ER' or shows like that. I didn't think this nice, uplifting show would devolve into a gore fest. I'm so pissed off at them that I wrote the Slamball people and the TNN people a letter. I wouldn't have minded if they had a warning, because then if I watched it, it would have been my own fault. It totally turned me off watching any Slamball ever, ever again. Now I cringe whenever I see the promos for games.

I saw American Wedding with Rilee yesterday. It was worth the ticket, but not great. A few laughs here and there. If it wouldn't have had Willow from Buffy, Alyson Hannigan, as the bride I wouldn't have bothered.
My stomach is feeling much better. I actually ate real meals today. Some eggs for breakfast and a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch. I need to make an effort to try and call my friends Brett and Eric and see what they are up too. I'm lazy when it comes to friends, and I don't want to drift too far apart becuase of it.
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