Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

I had a burger at Fudrucker's today. First hamburger I've had in a few weeks and it was very yummy. I also saw the cute, mousy file girl from the 17th floor. I have a very Robin Williamsesque Fisher King like crush on her. I rode on the elevator with her a month or two ago and introduced myself, but I forgot her name by the time I got to my desk with my swiss cheese memory for names.

Now I've eaten too many Pepperidge Farms soft batch cookies and my tummy is a bit rumbly. I don't know why I keep buying soft batch cookies, I never like them as much as the regular ones.

I've been craving imitation crab salad, so I plan to stop at Subway on the way home and maybe get one of those 6 inch subs. I also might stop at Dillards and look at the Zirh shaving stuff. It was recommended on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and a few people on the boards said they tried it and it was the best stuff they had ever used. They also have a FIX product I may try as I have these bumps from shaving on my neck. They're not acne, so they may be ingrown hairs or something and that stuff is supposed to fix it. I also need a haircut, so I'm probably going to make several stops on the way back tonight.

The elevated bed is working well. I think I'm sleeping a bit better on it, plus my tummy seems to be a bit happier in the morning. I need to quit snacking so much as night as well but that's a hard habit to break.

I don't think the Wellbutrin is doing too much for me, but I'll give it a bit longer to work before going back to the doctor.

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