Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Man today flew by. Work got busy, plus I was listening to the news this afternoon about all the power being out in New York. (I'm sure we Texans will get blamed somehow.) I looked up and it was 6pm. I've been in Hermit mode lately. I may go look at chairs this weekend to replace my natty comfy chair. It's old but comfy, but my sister says it has to go, and it would be the first thing those guys on Queer eye would throw out cause it's ducktapped where the stuffing is coming out like Martin Crane's old chair on Frasier. I may not ditch it if I can't find a chair I like becuase if I do move in a year it will make moving easier by just throwing it out. I don't want to get nice furniture cause then I will have to store it.
I could also use a vacation. My new supervisor is a little grumpy every now and then too.
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