Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Ah, work is busy. Which is nice as it helps the days go faster but I get to surf a little less at work. Oh well. My friend Serena invited me to go out this weekend. I'm looking forward to going to the Ballunar festival at NASA this weekend with her. I also got an invite to go Windsurfing with Brett and Alma when I had dinner with them, so I'll go with them and try my luck. I told them if I end up out of the water more than in the water I'll probably try it longer. If I end up falling over 10 seconds after I get on the board every time I'll quit pretty soon.

Rilee got me to help him with his resume on Sunday since he's trying to get a management type job at GameStop. He'd be really good for that since he's practically a Phd about videogames.

I'm also playing Star Wars Galaxies quite a bit to relax at home. My character's name is Rylenor Finn on the Eclipse server.
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