Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Lunch adventures

So I wasn't that hungry today at lunch so I decided to see if I could find someplace to get my pants measured and hymmed. So I went down Westleyan over to Bellaire and sure enough I found a place. There was a 20something asian girl in there who had about a 20 word english vocabulary. So the exchange went something like this..
Me - "Do you do measurements and hym pants and how much does it cost?"
Her - Blank look
Me - "Pin and hym pants?" with accompaning gestures and pointing to pins and pulling up pants legs.
Her - "Yes."
Me - "How much?" Her - "algollalombo" Me- "What?" Her - Holds up eight fingers "dolla." Me-"Oh." Her-"Cuffs?" Me - "No."
So I went and got my pants and changed into them and she pinned them for me and wrote me a claim ticket and my price.

Then I went to Marble Slab and got a sweet cream shake that was very yummy. I also went next door to Stone Mill Bakery and got a Cold Cucumber and Avacado soup in a bread bowl. I thought I'd try something new and since I like both ingredients separately I'd see if I like the soup. I didn't like the soup, they put too much cilantro and maybe some bay in there. The soup had a real light flavor, so even the little bit they put overwhelemed the cucumber. Plus they gave me the wrong soup the first time, which in hindsight probably would have been better.
Too much cilantro is a pet peeve of mine.

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