Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Media Mix

Well, USA Today got taken off my list of daily reads because they started having a subscription page pop up before every page view. Very annoying.

I've also deleted Jimmy Kimmel's program from my VCR taping schedule. I loved him on Ben Stein and the Man Show but something's missing from his late night show. Maybe it's the live format, but he just doesn't have the wit to
do the improv necessary.

I need to rent Versus sometime and give it a viewing.

I went to the baseball game last night with Jess and we won 18-4. We had great field level seats behind first base. It was a spur of the minute type thing since my co-worker Karen had some people who couldn't use the tickets so she let me buy them. I almost caught a foul ball, but I had a lemon freeze in my hands and those things are expensive and I had to prod Jess into getting it for me. We went to the Squeeze Play area around the 8th inning but unfortunatly all the stuff there was kids only. They need some stuff big kids can do too! So as a result I'm pretty tired today.

I've decided to take the TV to the repair shop to get the spot out and see if they can do it for under $100 dollars.

I was happy with the end of The Amazing Race. It wasn't the team I was rooting for, but they were at least capable racers.

I need to see if that song they play with the Busch commercial is available or just for that purpose. 'A simple kind of man...'
Maybe it will help get the Queer Eye song out of my head.

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