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My life appears to be one karmic balancing act. I apparently have a fixed amount of good luck/happiness/health. Recently my social life has become more rewarding with more friends and outings, and my health has deteriorated. 2003 so far is a medical low in my life. My stomach has gotten worse today so I'm to the point where I can only have liquids or mush.
I've been watching my diet and taking my medication, so what gives? My 90 year old grandma eats salami and greasy food like a horse and she's doing fine. I have a specialist doc's appointment next week, so hopefully he can straighten everything out. I have high hope.
Ironically enough, I started taking my Paxil today. That's because stomach problems are, for me, the most depressing thing I've ever encountered. On the bright side, I still have all my stomach medicine from my last bout with stomach problems, so at least I can take enough Promethian to make me sleepy and lower the stomach discomfort level. Without that I'd no doubt be twice as miserable.

Anyway, high hopes. This Too Shall Pass. Stupid stomach.

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