Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Today I ate lunch with Rilee, he got a GameCube for Christmas and was telling me about the games. Eternal Darkness and Metroid. They sound pretty cool, and he may let me borrow them sometime, which is nice of him. Other that that I've been pretty lazy and just goofed off today. I really should clean up the living room a bit and do some more chores but I'm not terribly motivated today for some reason.

I've noticed that I've become somewhat grumpy lately for no reason. I've always been anti-social, but lately I haven't even been that talkative with my friends. Hopefully just getting out more and putting a little more effort into chatting will cure my grumpy mood. I played 'Kill Doctor Lucky' a Cheapass game with my friends last night, and I had a good time. I hope they enjoyed my company in the mood I was in. I think so, but you never know. I guess if they don't invite me back that will anwser the question.

They are showing a making of the Two Towers thing on the WB in a hour or so, so I'm gonna do some chores and then check it out.
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