Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

I've got my endoscope thingy tommorrow. I've been trying not to let my tummy bug me too much, but worries in the back of my head have been growing the longer I've had this problem. My mind always worries about the worst possible thing they could find. So my subconscious is throwing stomach cancer and chestburster aliens at me all bloody day. I'm glad I'm taking Paxil to help with the anxiety. My rational mind says I'm sure it's something relatively minor like that ulcer causing bacteria that they'll just give me a pill for and fix me right up. And then the back of my head says 'Chestburster aliens!'. Wasn't there a Mike's Hard Lemon commerical where they were doing the ultrasound and the alien was eating his insides. I'm weird thinking of things like that.
I mean Goblin King on the PVP boards is younger than me and he ended up in surgery getting part of his intestine taken out, so God know bad things can happen to good people.

My Mom's also fighting some kind of breathing problem that's wearing her out. Plus she has to deal with my grandma daily which would drive Mother Theresa to drink. I don't want to burden her with my problems recently.
I talked to my grandma for about an hour yesterday. Or more like I listened to her bitch about Frank and selling her house, etc. She's got it good, my mom takes good care of her even if she's very hard to get along with because we all love her. I'm sure mom has wanted to smother her with a pillow occassionaly too.

My friends in town have been really great. I know I can count on Jessica, Serena, Rilee, and Brett to help me out if I need it. I'd do the same for any of them.
They really been invaluable in helping me deal with all my problems and being there for me in tough places.
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