Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Had my test Friday. Prelimary results is my problem is not an ulcer, but I'll have to wait until the biopsy results to find out if it's some kind of bacteria. I went to my regular doc that afternoon and got a couple of months prescription for Paxil. Plus he is going to make some changes and resubmit the paperwork for my benefits.

Saturday I played video games and then went to the batting cages with Rilee later that night. It was suppossed to be fun but it turned out to be more frustrating than fun. First they only had one register open with the slowest lady alive there so it took a good 30 minutes in line to get our tokens. Then the ball pitching machines were so inconsistant it wasn't fun. One was decent, the other one would throw a pitch every 10 minutes and then throw three in a row and then be down another 15 minutes. Very frustrating. I ended up selling my tokens to somebody for half price instead of having to deal with getting back in line for a refund.

I went swimming a bit Saturday and Sunday since it was such a pretty weekend. I also then sat in the pool and read a bit of the new L. Hamilton book Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake series). I got it while going to the library next to the new CVS when I got my Paxil prescription filled Saturday. I also bought a Brita water filter thingy for the kitchen sink and some light red hair coloring. I was handy and installed the filter, it took me awhile and I had to get my monkey wrench but it finally worked without leaking.

Sunday after Serena cancelled our plans because she was sick I decided to color my hair. It went horribly, horribly wrong. Since I'm balding irregularly my hair has looked like crap. It's not a balding pattern, it's splotchy. So I have been getting my hair cut really, really, short so it doesn't look like ass. Also I've seen that if I lighten it up it doesn't look as bad. But this red was TOO light on top and didn't take where my hair was thicker so it looked like ass. So I decided to do something that I've been contemplating awhile. I decided to shave my head. I went to Wal-mart and bought a plant and a shaver. So then I spent the rest of the evening shaving my hed and it took several hours because the shaver would work for a few minutes and then I'd have to let it charge for awhile again since I hadn't charged it all the way up. Next time I'll have it done professionally. So now I'm a bald beauty. Mr. Clean/Picard. I hope Serena likes bald men.

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