Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

My Entry in the Pitch a Zombie Movie Contest on the PvP forums

Title: Dead Among the Stars

Genre: Sci-fi / Suspense / Horror

Director: J. Frakes (aka Riker)

C. Walken - Captain Walker of the Clandestine
Tom Hanks - First officer Helms
Rutger Hauer - Construction Officer Pierre
Kennedy (the old VJ) - Science Officer Vash
Jack Black - Engineer Veers
Erin Grey - Chief of Terraforming Blalock
Dolly Parton - Chief Biologist
Seth Green - Geologist


An experimental vaccine for keeping muscles from getting weaker during long term space trips has horrible side effects, causing those who take it to die after 5 years. However they rise again. The government keeps it secert and decides to send them on a secret mission to Mars since they don't need oxygen and all that other complicated stuff and have stopped aging. Their mission - to secretly start terraforming Mars. When in the course of their mission an accident kills Veers scattering pieces of him all over Mars the group discovers a bomb set to destroy the ship and all of them once their mission is complete. The crew fractures in half, half wanting to return home and half wanting to complete the mission and stay. The pieces of Veers have other plans and the mission takes a turn for the worse when they grow and attack. Lots of suspision and distrust as crewmen start disappearing until the truth is revealed and then some good suspense and action as they try to kill their attackers made up of parts of the missing crewmen leaving only
Pierre and Blalock alive at the end as they look over a changing planet.

Running Time: 112 minutes

Rating: R

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