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Lost In Translation

Sometime I hate LJ. I wrote a beautiful post long on this movie and lost it. I've reconstructed it below as best I remember.

I'm putting on my film critic hat for this post.

Yesterday I was in the mood to see a movie, and I decided to see Lost in Translation. I saw it with Serena after getting some Italian food. I suggest Chinese food or Bennihana before this movie to get in the mood.

Lost in Translation is a stunningly gorgeous film. A two hour moving painting in darkness and light set to music that enhances every scene. You leave feeling as if you've visited Tokyo and had your life enriched by the experience. This film richly deserves an Oscar for Cinematography and Direction. It's a timeless classic that reminds me of An Affair to Remember. Had I seen it earlier in the day I might have stuck around and watched it again, and I never see a movie twice.

The movie is a very introspective character study of two Americans as they experience the isolation, insomnia, and culture shock of Japan mirrored by the isolation in their personal lives.
Bill Murray gives his best performance ever as Mr. Harris, an aging actor in town shooting a whiskey commercial. However, the film is stolen by Scarlett Johansson playing Charlotte, a young wife left to entertain herself by her photographer husband as he does a photo shoot there. I haven't seen grace, poise, class, and elegance like this since Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. It's the second best female performance I've ever seen. You fall in love with her over the course of the movie. The acting and chemistry by these two is so amazing I can't describe it, you just connect to them at some basic level.

I left the movie wanting to play the Koyto Drum game, find that phone with the world's coolest ring tone, and decorate a tree with little paper flowers.
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