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Lost in Perspective....

One of the posters on the forum I frequent, www.pvpforums.com, had his father pass away suddenly last night. After sending my condolences, I did what most people probably do and picked up the phone and called my dad to tell him that I love him. He is caught between expectations. What me and my sister expect him to do, and what the rest of his family expect him to do. I feel for him as that is always hard.
I know he believes in his heart that his marriage was valid and that we are the product of a valid marriage, so his truth or lies in his attempt to get an annulment is between him and the church. Goodness knows that I've done religious things I didn't mean myself just to meet the expectations of my family. I try to live my life without lettting religious or political differences come between myself and people I care about, but I haven't done well lately on that account about Dad's situation. So I told him that whatever the outcome, I love him and would be there when he got remarried, whether inside the church or out. I might not participate in the ceremony, but I'll at least be there. Life is too short to shut people you love out of your life.
On that note he also better be there no matter what.. even if I decide to get married beneath an idol of Jo-bu and shower in rum and toke on a cigar while saying my vows.

I think it's funny that my dad realizes how deep in karmic dept he is and is trying to help out by volunteering to balance out the scales a bit.
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