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Well, this is a record posting day for me looks like.

I've noticed that Bill Murray in the new Icon I have kinda looks likes me from the side, back when I had hair. Interesting. It's definately a keeper.

I just wanted to you to know that I apparently watched a show called, get this, 'THE GREAT SPACE COASTER' when I was little.
I replied to something with 'No gnu's is good gu-news!' and didn't remember where the Gary Gnu newscaster was from.

Of course the fact that somebody on the forums knew what it was from and shared cheered me up. I often feel old there and here on LJ as most people are younger than me.

I mean Captain Kangaroo, Today's Special, Picture Pages, and now The Great Space Coaster. I watched alot of educational TV entertainment when I was young. No wonder I'm so bloody smart.
Now all the kids watch is Pokemon, which is better than GI Joe in some ways I guess, but where are the entertaining informational shows anymore after you get too old for Sesame Street?

Man the weather is crappy today. It's pitch black outside at 4:30pm. No Ren Fest anytime soon, the whole place is a mudpit.
There's some interesting stuff to do this weekend, there's a Home Show that I might want to look at (I'm still looking for a Chair, Amber. The Chair fund has not been spent on video games I promise.) Plus there's a pops symphony this weekend that might be fun to attend and hear Lion King music and that kind of stuff. There's a free Tejano fest at the park, but the weather kind of rules that out. O'mama is sick so I was told by mom not to visit home this weekend.

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