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POWNED! - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-10-09 18:43
Subject: POWNED!
Security: Public
Rain!!! Too much Rain!! I'm all wet.

I had to stop at Sam's Boat and eat dinner there because Richmond turned into a river there. Looks like I made the right decision as there was a newsvan and lots of stalled cars there when I get out where I decided it was too deep to go further. I know better to take Richmond when it's raining hard, but it wasn't until I was already on it and then boom!! Torrential downpoor so hard you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you going 2 mph.
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User: austinamber
Date: 2003-10-13 13:56 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
When you first put the picture up, I thought it was you, but then I read the post and figured it out. Anyway, you're much more handsome than Bill Murray. I think it's just the profile and the expression that establishes the resemblance.

Oh, and glad to hear that you're still working on the chair situation. If Queer Eye for the Straight Guy didn't just makeover men in New York, I would have already nominated you just so you would get a new apartment full of furniture and accessories.
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