Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

To do list.
1) Galleria Rand McNally store - Get Travel Alarm Clock
2) Home Depot -
Get Brita faucet thing
Plumbers's Tape
Pot for new plant
9V Battery for smoke alarm
3) Mom - Get her to look for Isle of Capri coupons.
4) Long term things to buy
a) New MP3 Phone w/ hands-free when one I like becomes available
b) Chair (Blue Cotton or Leather or Denim recliner)
c) Gun (Thompson M1 maybe)
d) TV
e) Wireless PS2 Controller (May order off Ebay)

Feeling better than earlier this week. Mom's staying over tonight. I'm thinking about visiting O'mama this weekend and then hitting the casino, driving back along the beach and taking the ferry to Galveston. I'll see if that sounds good to Serena. That way I can stay in a hotel and away from cat allergy hell without making mom feel bad.

Wings Over Houston, the annual airshow, is also this weekend but I'm not quite in the mood for loud planes this week.
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