Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

A Winnar is You!

Ya and Huzzah! I won two tickets to see Fritz the Cat at the Alamo Thursday night! Go me! So I've invited Serena to see this 70's animated tale of New York life during the counter-culture movement.

In other cool movie news, Bubba-Ho-Tep is coming to the Greenway theatre!
I'm so there.

I also need to start trying to coordinate a good time for everyone to see the new IMAX Matrix movie when it comes out.

What games I'm playing:
Disgaea, bonus content like the cave.
UFO: Aftermath, this game is kicking my ass. Everytime I go into a UFO I get my whole squad killed since those plasma throwers the aliens have just chew me up. My squad is now like, "Can't we just blow it up from outside.. please?"

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