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Happy Halloween!

Fritz the Cat

So I went with Serena yesterday to see Fritz the Cat. Very weird yet somewhat sexy movie. Memorable bits: Fritz saying 'I love your eyes' as he gazes lustfully down at the cleavage of his female friend nowhere near the eyes.' Fritz was definately a breast man/cat.
In all it was a humorous look at the racial tension and socio-political leanings of college age students at the time (late 1960's). Serena said she was going to look into what the message is, but the message I took from it was Don't Be A Follower, think for yourself, and at some point in your life you have to roll up your sleeves and work.
Fritz got into all kinds of trouble for never thinking for himself and always looking for the easy way out. When it was cool to like blacks, he did so. That didn't stop him from joining a KKK like splinter group later though. The only times he thought for himself was when he was expected to do work, such as in school or for his yuppie girlfriend on the road and then he was all 'Screw this I'm a free spirit.'

All in all it was one of the weirdest movies I've seen, but was entertaining enough.

Odds and Ends

Serena wants to have a long talk sometime, which should be interesting. She's quite fond of those. Funny enough, I don't mind it hanging over my head since I don't think it's going to be good or bad, just informational putting stuff out there type stuff. Vague enough eh?

No Halloween plans. Boo! I'm pretty much planning on a nice peaceful evening. Possible Ren-fest trip on Sunday if it doesn't rain. I'm playing that by ear.

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