Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

I rewatched Spirited Away with Jessica on Friday night. She had a copy a friend has loaned her and wanted some company while she delved into the world of Anime. I also got to see previews of some of the other movies that studio had done, and I must say Kiki's Delivery Service looks like it may be next on my list to get a look at.

My stomach was bothering me a bit so I decided to try a full pill of my medicine. I have been grinding up one pill and putting it in bottle of water. I'll shake it up and take a few swallows before bed everyday. The reason I do this is that if I take one full pill it zonks me out for about a day. I was hoping I had built up enough tolerance to the zonking effect, so I tried it again Friday and Saturday. The results were still pretty much the same in that I was zonked out most of Sunday and spent the whole day sleeping.

I had hoped to see Finding Nemo with Serena Sunday night as I know she was going to go buy it, but I will too sleepy to go.
She wasn't feeling great either.

Next time I decide to hit the add me communities I'll make sure I have something interesting coming up to post about.

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