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Water Babies - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-11-11 18:31
Subject: Water Babies
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Water Babies the Movie

Water Babies The Book

I came across a picture of a Water Baby today, which reminded me of an animated movie I saw in my youth that I enjoyed. One particular segment still remains in my brain, and that is the song 'High Cockalorum' that they sang as they headed off to adventure. I'm probably remembering this movie more favorably through the fog of time, but it was very good when I was young and helped the imagination. It mixed live action and animation together.

Has anyone seen this recently as an adult and what did you think of it? Does it stand the test of time?

Has anyone seen the old animated feature Flight of Dragons?

I also thought of it today when the thread regarding the remake of the Last Unicorn surfaced. Here is a classic movie that NEEDS to be redone.
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Pyro-chan: wanted
User: pyrochan
Date: 2003-11-11 19:36 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
heh, I've often thought about Water Babies since it was one of my favs growing up (that and Watership Down, The Last Unicorn, The Hobbit etc) but I've never seen it as an adult so I couldn't say how it would hold up for me. It's kind of freaky all this talk of remaking movies I loved as a kid... I fear they'll just never live up to what they became in my mind.
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User: pickupsticks
Date: 2003-12-22 20:02 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Flight of Dragons is one of those wonderful moments just on the very edge of my recollection, and I've been afraid almost to revisit it in case the wonderful memory is dispelled by my now jaded perception of things.

However a friend of mine does have a copy of it on VHS (which, apparantly, will Never Leave The House) and I am assured that it is still wonderful.
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