Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Sunday Grabbag

A good New Years was had at Maggiano's by all. We ate, we drank, we had a good time.

The rest of the week was interesting as well. I tried out disc golf at Sabine park near downtown. It was interesting but I managed to pull a leg muscle so I was limping by Friday.
I'll definately have to look into the disc golf thing some more as Brett and I had a good time, and I obviously got some good exercise. I'm making an appointment to see the knee doctor tommorrow. The sinus doc said there wasn't anything physical wrong with the nose, so I just have to take sinus medicine to cure my ills.

Bathroom update - Today I tried to regrout my tub as it was pulling away a bit when it was filled with me and a tub full of water. We'll see it this new stuff fills in the cracks. I'm hoping so. It's impossible to keep the tub clean with the big crack that goes away when you get out. It's like a mold home, I can't clean it, all I can do is poor bleach in until it stops looking so black. The ants seem to be gone as well. Only an occassional scout. I kill them so they don't report back. If I could mount their little ant heads on little ant pikes as a warning to the rest of them I would along with a sign ' Here be monsters.'

I've got a semi-blind date tommorrow as one of my co-workers wants to introduce me to a friend of hers at lunch. I've seen her once, but I don't think she ever saw me. Sharon's been talking me up, she's such a sweetie. I hope with all the hype my date's not disappointed. I think it's always better to pleasantly surprise someone than disappoint them.

I made a homemade taco salad for dinner today. Pretty tasty. I need to do more cooking here at home and quit eating out so much.

Cartoon network rules.

I've set my VCR to tape Regis and Wayne Brady, so I have something to watch while I get on the exercise bike. Like everyone else in the world I'm trying to drop some weight this year.
- Shaun

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