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Phone Post: On Ninja (from the PvP forums)

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“Once thought a legend, modern hidden camera blinds and stalking techniques have allowed us an exclusive glimpse into a rare species indeed … the modern ninja.

The ninja's native habitat is being increasingly encroached upon by urban development. Ever adaptable to its environment, the ninja has adjusted surprisingly well to survival in the city.

Here we see see a fledgling ninja, whom observers have named, "Stormshadow" practicing stalking the rooftops...

Slowly Stormshadow learns the skills that will make him a successful ninja and carry his genes on to the next generation...

Here we see Stormshadow's mate, who the observers have named BlackFox, chosing a large bandolier to accentuate her mammaries and intimidate rivals.

BlackFox's rival, Smokey, responds with an aggressive display, cutting a sign post in half with a silent katana strike to show her superior ninja mastery. Crestfallen, BlackFox backs away submissively, leaving Smokey to the final courting of Midnight, an experienced ninja female.

Meanwhile, Stormshadow is making his first awkward and inexperienced kill. Full-grown ninjas kill their prey quickly and silently, but Stormshadow's first blow to the neck misses, and leaves his victim screaming momentarily before Stormshadow clumsily crushes his throat.

In order to survive long, a ninja must learn to move without being seen. Here, we see Stormshadow's first attempts at hiding in the shadows. While he is still young, his natural abilities begin to show even now, as he play-pounces on a fellow adolescent ninja, Ghost.

Ghost and Stormshadow tussle for a moment. While to the untrained eye this seems like innocent play, it is through these childish wrestling matches that young ninjas learn many of the lethal skills they must use to survive in adulthood.

Smokey continues to make advances towards Midnight. But Midnight will not take a mate lightly. Smokey must prove himself to her. His display is punctuated by a throaty but silent mating "Hya", as he displays the ninja traits he hopes will prove his worthiness to be her mate...he flexes and stretches his limbs to show his strength and mobility. He leaps back and forth silently in shadow to show off his stealth.

Midnight's interest is peaked, and she allows him to lead her back to his specially prepared ninja lair. The ninja lair is the make-or-break of a successful ninja courtship. The careful arrangement of various shiny throwing daggers, silver shriken stars and swords impresses Midnight very much, and with an elaborate pounce and straddling pin followed by nuzzling, she lets him know she has made a favorable choice as far as Smokey is concerned.

Ninja, like all top-level predators, reproduce infrequently, and are hard-pressed to recover numbers from significant losses due to the frequency of falls, decapitations, and their habit of committing suicide when captured. Activist groups have taken up the cause of ninja conservation, and the trend has become very popular with the American public. it is not uncommon to see special wooden ninja habitats being hung from the sides of houses with bird feeders full of ninja throwing stars.

In summary: The ninja is many things. Deadly. Beautiful. Mysterious. Majestic. The ninja has captured the imagination of poets, painters, and video game designers. Their quiet power serves as an inspiration to man. Their future is uncertain. for now they seem to be adjusting to an urban lifestyle easily but...many dangers await young Stormshadow and Ghost as they struggle to reach adulthood...But whatever happens, the noble ninja will always have a place in man's imagination.”

Transcribed by: mcclintock

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