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My Rare Quiz

Wow A Very Cool Quiz

Anne Rice
Anne Rice is writing your life. Go you goth girl,

Which Author's Fiction are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Can I just say I love whomever wrote the questions to this quiz. I rarely find choices that match me to a tee but this one had them in spades. Bold are ones that are totally me.

Which Author's Fiction are You?

Which writer wrote your book? Hmm?
Given your druthers, where would you choose to live?

- In the Cuban countryside...or maybe Key West...
- I'd like to explore deep space with a group of like minded individuals, and find a new planet to colonize.

- A cheap coffin-hotel in Tokyo, near the airport...with my interactive supercomputer.
- It matters not so long as there is drink enough there to quench my thirst
- In the ruins of a dilapidated Garden District mansion
- At Netherfield Hall, I suppose, or there is always Pemberley Estate...
- New York, darling.
- In a small town, where I can forge lifelong relationships - and do intimate character studies of my neighbors...!

What fascinates you?

- Dark places, ancient legends, family ghosts.
- Verbally tearing people into little, tiny shreds.
- Watching the delicate interplay of conversation; shade and nuance are everything.
- Watching the human animal.
- Active, physical pursuits. Hunting, fishing, all manner of sporting interests.
- Technology, and the potential it has to change humanity.
- The resilience of the human spirit, the drive to explore our world and others.
- Watching a family implode; seeing pain and unspeakable personal horrors - and the mechanisms humans use to deal with the trauma

What are you drinking?

- Bourbon.
- Pisco sours.
- Blood.
- Lemonade.
- Martinis.
- Tea, hot.
- The most cutting-edge new microbrew I can find.
- Cuba Libres, or something similar involving a bottle of rum and a lime. Wow Totally My favorite drink!

Which most accurately describes your ideal mate? Aarg! Too many good choices !
- A man, rich and stupid.
- A blond-haired, blue-eyed devil of a vampire.
- A man of consequence, prudence, and good temper; perhaps a clergyman?
- A good man. One of those is hard enough to find...
- A hard-bodied ninjagirl with a bad attitude who tears you up in the sack. lol
- A strong, beautiful woman who can nearly outdrink you - and who doesn't really need you, either.
- An honest woman with a sense of adventure and fun...and an unnaturally high libido.
- The high-bred daughter of a local cotton factor, made into a whore and opium addict by a sadistic trio of stinking, toothless, redneck brothers, one of whom is passionately in love with a cow.

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