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Cleaning Today

I'm cleaning today because I'm planning on having guests tommorrow for games and dinner.

Anyway, I had started vacuuming the day before yesterday and ran out of energy. Yesterday there was a strange smell but I thought it was the trash. So today I resume vacuuming and whew Stink-O--Rama coming out of the vacuum cleaner. I have a Rainbow, which means you put water in and it uses that water to filter the dust coming out of the vacuum. Important lesson learned, that water gets stinky very quickly if you don't empty it. So I dumped the old stinky dirty water, cleaned the thing with soap and water, and then put some more water in with some cologne. Now my house smells more like Prefered Stock than sewer which is a good thing.

As I'm cleaning I'm also re-arrangeing the apartment to make room for the Really Big Blue Denim Chair of Comfyness +3.
I'm taking all my misc. chests and crap and loading them into the bedroom. I really need to go through that stuff and throw away crap.
Oh! and I've been baking cookies this morning. I got a tub of Macademia Nut Cookie Dough from one of me co-workers who was selling it for their daughter's school.
So now I have a ton of cookies for tommorrow. I need to go shoping today to pick up some steaks, vegetables, and snacks for tommorrow as well.

I've also opened Final Fantasy X2 and tried it out a bit. Rilee came over last night for a bit to check it out as well and we played for a few hours. I'm cleaning for an hour or so, then playing for an hour. Nice break.

No takers on seeing Bowfire. Oh well.
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