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Fun And Games

Well, I invited a ton of people for boardgames and dinner but ended up just having a small party of me, Jessica and my friend Eric.
We played RA, TIKAL, Sequence, Cheapass Game's Give Me The Brain!, and had a good time.
Also at dinner we had a discussion of Religion, Pergatory, Heaven, Hell, and empathy that I shall endeavor to expand upon some time in the future when I get a chance to write a deep, thought-provoking entry.

I also prepared snacks and a wonderful dinner of Black Angus thin sliced T-bone steaks and garlic mashed potaters. Yummy! I gave them the choice of a side dish for the steaks. The consensus was they wanted mashed pototoes, garlic if possible. I was very happy to have a well stocked enough pantry to not only make mashed pototoes, but to make the garlic mashed potatoes they wanted.
I used a bit too much soy sauce to extend the au jus gravy and use as gravy for the mashed potatoes, but oh well.
I got a few compliments on my cookies and dinner.
Also cookies and a veggie tray were present during the games to munch on. Jessica also brought a good cheese dip.

All in all we played and had fun from 1pm - 11pm so a good time was had with the time flying.

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