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Dateline : Thurday 10pm

My mom loves her damn cats more than me. Stupid allergy generating evil demon kitties. She’s allergic to the damn things to and can’t breathe. She’s having to take breathing medicine and go to a puliminary specialist. But instead of get rid of them she’d rather die. She’s stupidly stubborn. I don’t know what to do. I need to have some kind of cat intervention for her.

I went to see Bubba Ho-Tep on Wednesday night with Pyrochan and her friend. We went to the River Oaks Theatre. It’s an absolutely beautiful theater if you sit in the large one. The movie was very, very, good. Bruce Campbell is an acting god. His portrayl of Elvis was incredible. The music was very good too. I would like to find it somewhere.
Before the show we discussed movies and work. Netflix sounds interesting.

I’m sitting at my mom’s house watching Samurai Jack. What a masterpiece each episode is. Fuzzy white things are teaching Jack to 'jump good'.

And now the last episode of Futurama is on. Sweet. El Diablo Robotico. heh. I wonder if the writers of Angel are fans.

Dateline : Friday 8pm

I'm home from Nederland. I spent most of the day alone with my O'mama as my mom went to pick up a trailer in San Marcos and visit with my sister while hitting the outlet malls there. I hate outlet malls. I think outlet malls are one of the top layers of hell. I got her her medicine and some milk for her coffee. Moved some heavy as hell plants so she can cover them and keep them from freezing. Talked a bit. My O'mama's always favored me a bit more than my sister, but with my sister having a baby I think she figured out a way to one up me. She's so excited about the baby. I can say with quite a bit of confidence I don't think she'll die before seeing the baby. She definately has something to look forward too. She even started hounding me about when I was going to have kids. As I'm not even married she didn't like my responses.

My cousin Danny Jr. will be graduating soon. I’m proud of him. He’s working as a waiter at Applebee’s putting himself through school. He’s a trainer there and may be a corporate trainer soon. Which ties in nicely with his teaching degree. Corporate training is a good profession to go into. He's trying to grow a beard and has the family indian blood curse that skipped our dad's generation. Our beards grow in patchy and crappy looking, which is why you'll never see me with a beard. He's been growing it awhile and it looks like somebody else's three day beard that's been shaved in spots. He growing it because he has the lead role in a play. He's playing Jesus at the Baptist church play. It's a big role for him. I may go down to see him.

Danny O'Flaherty is also appearing in Beaumont next week. He's the owner and headliner of O'Flaherty's in New Orleans, the pub that first introduced me to celtic music. What an amazing thing to go into a room and hear music that just touches your soul, like it's old and familiar as lullabies. I went on an Irish cruise a few years ago that he put on. I'd like to go see him.

I brought some pictures up from my mom's house. Paintings I should say. They were in AC climate controlled storage but my granny's so cheap she refused to pay to store them so they went into the garage. I hate to see them become ruined out there so I rescued a few at her gentle 'suggestions'. Which are reminicent of a tantrum or mack truck hitting you. You gotta love the old coot.
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