Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Lots to Do

Well I'm off work today. I have to finish submitting my MBA stuff to UT since my brother in law didn't get the job in Seattle. I'm not sure if I'm going to go, but I might as well try to get all the paperwork in anyway.

I have to call the insurance claim guy and get together a time to get my car interior redone since it's smelling musty.

I have to watch Celebrity Poker at noon today, call Rilee and see what he's doing next week and if he's available for driving me to the doctor.

In a fit of self-mutilation type spite I agreed to have my nasal surgery done that I've been putting off.
That will be done Tuesday. More TMI stuff about that behind the cut.

It's a turbinate reduction for those who care, which means that my tissue is obstructing my nasal airway and they are going to remove it. So they'll be knocking me out, cutting up the inside of my nose, then packing it with gauze. Packing comes out Wednesday. I shall most probably be miserable when I'm conscious Tuesday - Thursday with a increase in mood to just grumpy by Friday. I need to make sure I ask for some really good pain pills at the pre-op appointment Monday.

I helped Jessica decorate her place yesterday. That was fun. She's real nice about trying to cheer me up.

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