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Food thoughts

Ok, I used to work in a theatre for a summer during a college break and after that I was so sick of popcorn I didn't want to eat it or smell it again. I finally think I've gotten over that now. Not that I was ever a big fan of popcorn, it just don't hate it like I used to.

New bachelor recipie -
1 box mac and cheese
1 package frozen snow pea stir fry mix (Birdseye I think. Has carrots, snow peas and mushrooms.)
1 jar Old world ragu mushroom
Half package Aloutte cheese spread. (optional)

A) Heat 5 cups water, add a bit of salt
B) Dump in snow pea mix
C) Bring to boil, add mac and boil about 7 minutes per mac instructions.
D) Drain
E) Add Ragu and cheese packet and anything else in the fridge that would go. (Like the Aloutte cheese spread)
F) Stir and season to taste. (Salt, Tony's, and some Tex-Joy steak seasoning)

Makes about 3 big bowls aka Shaun size servings. Also saves and reheats well.

Critic's Corner (aka What I'm watching tonight) - Angel, Junkyard Wars, Celebrity Mole
I have TIVO envy from seeing it in action at my sisters. I also need to call TVMAX and bitch about the crappy signal I'm getting.
ABC's always got interference patterns and the other channels have gotten a bit fuzzy lately.

Oh, and my TV girlfriend Aly Hannigan (Willow on Buffy) just got engaged to Alex D. (Wesley on Angel) in real life. They make a nice couple.
I always think it's funny that the ones that didn't have a TV relationship get together. Reminds me of Kira and Bashir on DS9. They are married in real life too.


I need to send in my UT MBA application this week, hopefully today. I tried to do it yesterday but the network was down at the complex.

I saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf at a dress rehersal at the Alley a few nights ago. Edward Albee is one messed up playwright. That makes two of his
Plays I've seen at the Alley. I now have the urge to use the phrase 'Don't you agree Sugar-tits?' in conversation, obviously not at work.
I went with Brett and Alma, although I tried to get Nancy to go first. We got in free because my company sponsored it. Some people brought their middle-school aged kids even though it had 'Mature themes and adult content' mentioned several places in the adverts. I guess big city kids aren't as sheltered as I was.
I also learned a valuable lesson, when driving down Smith Street, Westheimer = Elgin.
Dating thoughts -
The other day at lunch I was gossiping with the girls and they mentioned how Kay, a girl we work with, had been dating this guy for about a year and half and was starting to look for a proposal but the guy didn't seem to want to commit anytime soon and she wasn't exactly thrilled about that. Now I know this guy and he's a workaholic, and always has been. He's not a family man, and I doubt he will ever be one. It's obvious to me, how could it not be to her? Beats me. I guess women think guys will change once they work their magic.

My friend Nancy is going to do the speed dating thing where she meets like 20 guys and talks with them for about 6 minutes each. She suggested I give it a try. I'm considering it. It's only about 40 bucks or so, so its much cheaper than 20 dates. Heck, I probably will try it. What's to lose?

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