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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-12-17 08:59
Subject: Moving right along
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Enough of the mushy angsty crap, moving along.

This weekend I'm going to Nederland to see my Grandma. She is doing much better. She's been moved into a regular hospital room from ICU and has a small chance of going home this weekend, but it will probably be next week. I've talked to her a few times and she sounds much better. She would only talk to me in German last night, and I couldn't understand half of what she was saying. I think she wanted to tell me something that mom couldn't understand, but I couldn't get it either, my German isn't as good as my sister. Kinda defeated the purpose, she should have just asked mom to leave for a bit. She sounds much better though. I'll also go see my cousin Danny graduate from Lamar and see his play. I may see my dad as he may visit too. He won't be able to come for Christmas so this is the only time I'll see him for awhile if he can manage to get away. Just as well.

I'm looking forward to seeing Return of the King. I'll have to make some calls and see who wants to join me.
I have Queer Eye and Celebrity Poker on tape waiting for my watching too!

I think I'll take my baseball bat out to the dumpster area and beat the shit out of some old furniture that people have thrown away. I have some aggression I need to take out on something. I've read there are places in Japan that you rent a room and get to go in and smash stuff like vases and stuff. That's what I need to do. Hulk smash!
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User: zinnea
Date: 2003-12-17 08:32 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
the Japanese have the coolest ideas sometimes.

Well, I'm sorry that things turned out the way they did and that you've got all that other stuff, but you'll be okay. Breaking things is always fun.
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