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Armed and Dangerous

So my dad got me a gun for Christmas, which means that I need to learn how to use one properly. I've looked around town and there is a range not too far from my house that has a class around Jan. 21st and that allows my gun to be fired on their range. It's a .357 magnum so not all ranges allow it I've discovered. So I'll do that early next year.

Funny story about how he gave it too me. He put it in a Tommy the Talking Snowman box. The last few Christmases he got me really cheesy fountains so I thought I was really getting a chessy talking snowman for Christmas. I was all ready to beat the crap out of him with it when I discovered it was just a box and the real present was inside. He saved up for the gun. I priced it and it's worth about $450-500 dollars. That's the funny thing with him. Just when you think he's a total irredeemable asshole he does something nice and thoughtful.

Jessica's sick so I've cancelled my dinner plans with her for today. I'll get to go home and see if my PvP secret santa gift has come yet. I hope so.

It's looking quite likely I'll have no female love interest to kiss on New Year's Eve. I'm still looking though.

I'm aiming to take some vacation next month. I haven't decided where I'm going to go yet, but Vegas is probably where I'll end up since I may have to travel on short notice. I could sure use a nice vacation to recharge. Anybody want to offer the use of a couch or spare bed to crash on somewhere? Maybe I'll down to Mexico or some place warm. I'm somewhat scared that if I go down to Belize or somewhere like that I may not come back. I may turn into one of those movie cliches of the person on vacation that buys a house and settles down just for a change and to find themselves. Of course in the movies those people are usually women and they end up meeting Mr. Perfect, so who knows.

The rest of my life is looking ok. Work is good, my grandma is starting to get a little bit better.

I'm hungry. I think I'll go have a skirt steak at Goode Taqueria.

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