Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

I am Sick

I have caught a cold and am sick. Stayed home from work today even though they were going to let us out early.
The conversation in my body went like this:
Mind: Ok, let's go to work. It's a short day so we can make it.
Body: Who the heck are you kidding, it took you 15 minutes to muster the energy to find socks. You're not going anywhere buddy.
Mind: I can do better.
Body: How about that burning feeling in your throat? How's about I make you collapse back in bed winded from putting on your left sock? Does that convince you?
Mind: Maybe I shouldn't go to work today.

Oh well. I see the doc in about an hour so maybe he'll give me some meds to make me feel better.
My throat hurts so my diet is consisting of ice cream.

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