Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weird Dream

Ok, last night I had one of the weirdest dreams.

This dream has an kid's adventure theme like Huck Finn.
I was a grain of uncooked white rice, on a luxury cruise down the Mississippi on a paddleboat riverboat cruise ship. Just like a regular cruise ship except we were all rice and the ship was to scale for rice instead of people. I however was a special grain of rice because somebody had wrote on me and I was a lucky grain of rice. So we're cruising down the river when the ship hits something and water starts to pour in. So I try to get up to the top deck. I'm not worried about drowning or anything because I'm rice and I float (actually rice doesn't float but I guess my subconscious doesn't know that bit of information), but I'm thinking if the ship doesn't actually sink it would be nice to stay onboard. All of us rice passengers are all very calm, we're all like 'Oh dear.' but nobody panics or anything. Unfortunately, I get swept out of the ship through a tear in the hull as the water pushes me out. So I'm floating down the river on a nice day. I'm thinking my owner will be upset because she won't get me back at the end of the trip.
So I float for awhile and then float a bit closer to shore and encounter a half submerged wise old carnival kitchen type booth from an ancient World's Fair called Old Wise Kitchen. Much like the Trash Heap in Fraggle Rock. I seek Kitchen's advice on what to do about my predictament. My owner will never find me since finding one grain of rice floating down the river is impossible. Wise Old Kitchen says that there is a magic portal down the river inside an old hollow log, and that if I can 'swim' so that I flow through the old log the magic portal will transport me to another time and place, possible in another form. I tell the Wise Old Kitchen that I'm not sure I like that idea as I'm quite happy being rice floating down the river, but Kitchen informs me quite correctly that it would be hard to wind up something worse than a lost grain of rice. So I take Kitchen's advice and float toward the magic log and through the magic portal. Poof !
I am now a young Willie Nelson in the 60's but like in Quantum Leap I am just me, not really Willie Nelson so I can't play guitar or anything. So Kris Kristofferson comes over to me and asks me if I have any new songs.
(Here it is important to note that I as a real person like Willie but I have a horrible memory for songs, music being one of my worst areas of knowledge.) So I start singing him all the Country songs I know starting with Willie Nelson, but then going over my very slim knowledge of George Straight, Brooks and Dunn, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, etc. As I'm doing this, and specifically as I'm singing John Denver's 'Take Me Home Country Road' and thinking how odd that this song may now be a Willie Nelson hit and not a John Denver song, I think how odd it will be to know all these songs and whether I'm changing history. But too late! I've already sung the songs and Kris has been writing them all down. Then I look over at the mirror, and like a magic window I see my old owner (whom I'll call Scout cause she most resembles that character from To Kill A Mockingbird) in a kayak on the Mississippi River looking for her lost grain of rice when she learns that my riverboat has sunk. She gets close to the magic log, but Kitchen has some of his river ghost buddies scare her away since she is a good person and could easily wind up worse than a nice human girl if she touches the portal. So the dream ends with her going home dissapointed and me getting on a tour bus to Nashville with Kris.

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