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Shields Up!

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Some people spend too much time building walls around themselves. Online, offline, social walls, emotional walls, as many as they can build. LJ's with all friends only entries, unlisted numbers, live behind gated communities. Those people also have social walls. They never accept invitations to go out to lunch with co-workers, or dinner with friends. They fill their lives with tons of trivial little 'too busy' errands that are more important than making social connections. They isolate themselves in as many ways at they can. Like Gollum, they end up in a cave with their 'precious'... whether that be 2 cats, the latest computer, or a mythical ring of invisibility. On the rare occassions they let people in they push them back out as soon as they can. Nobody can stay. Then the wonder why they feel so alone in life, why there is no emotional fulfillment. These people serve as a bad example to me. I don't want to be like them.
Joshua blow your horn, let the walls come tumbling down.

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