Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Just got back from the MFA seeing the Pushkin Russian painting exhibit. It was very nice, had some Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Degas, etc. Reading the little history blurbs made me realize that it is very easy to get a nice collection if you are Russia and can just confiscate all the art in your country, which is basically how the Pushkin got most of the work it lends out to displays like this.
I tend to favor the ones with architecture of old Roman buildings, and I like impressionists too because the pictures look like how I see the world without my glasses. I have a theory that all impressionists just had bad vision like me, because if I painted the world like I see it without glasses, it would look like a lot of their art. All this makes me want to start painting some more myself.

If you live in Houston you've probably heard the ads for the Museum, they are having quite an ad blitz on radio talking about 'A Season of Impressionism'. Pretty good ads about kids trading art trading cards and little bits about people in the paintings talking to each other about what is going on. So I chuckled a bit when I saw those paintings and thought about the commercials.

I'm really priviledged to live in a city that has an active museum culture and see great works like this on display.

In other news, my hormones are acting up recently. I've been very angry and aggressive feeling lately like when I had to take steroids to clear up my pneumonia a year or so ago. I guess I'm producing extra testostorone or something. I just want to beat up people and cuss, and I get angry at everyone. I hope it passes soon.

I have no invitation to any kind of Super Bowl party. I think it's tomorrow. Kinda depressing.
I guess I'll just straighten up the apartment tomorrow.

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