Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weekend update wherein I find out that I'm not QEftSG's Carson

Saturday I had a relaxing day. I slept in, cleaned up the apartment, played a bit of Magic Online. I had lunch with Jessica at Jason's Deli, went to Nan's and Academy with her then back to the apartment for a quick nap before heading out to dinner with Diana.

We had a nice relaxing meal at Goode Tacq., and then headed over to the Mucky Duck to catch the late show of the Austin Lounge Lizards. Met up with Jessica, who forgot her jacket and was shiverring out in the cold, which was unusual for her as she usually bundles up to go out, even in summer. Proceeded to our table behind the sound board and had good seats for a really good show. I picked up their latest CD and got it signed by my favorite Lizard.

They played my favorite songs, '100 miles of Dry' a ballad about north east Texas that you don't appreciate unless you live somewhere like Temple for 9 months and have to drive a half hour to Killeen to get a bottle or wine or rum. Also 'Grunge Song', 'The Other Shore' in an encore, and a new great song with a spanish flair based on repetition and a mexican highwayman. Also 'Cornbread and Butter' which I kidded Jessica about because it mirrors her green veggie free diet.

Afterward Diana and I sat around a talked until last call. I had a very nice time, and she seems to like me as much as I do her.
I'm somewhat concerned about how much I can offer with me seriously considering moving to Austin in 6 months, but we'll just take it as it goes.

Sunday I did more apartment cleaning, paid bills, checked all my stuff from UT to make sure I didn't need to do anything, played a bit more Magic online. Sent Jessica some links on role-playing games and LARP stuff that she expressed interest in. I drove up to the Klein area in the evening to have coffee with my new friend Eve.

Suffered a bit of foot in mouth disease. I evidently didn't learn my lesson from my last fight with Jessica about comments on female attire. I've been watching too much Queer Eye so I offered a constructive critique of Eve's outfit calling her sweater 'frumpy'. Note to self: Never comment on women's outfits unless it's something of a highly complimentary nature. Lesson hopefully learned.

Afterward, me and her joined my friend Eric for a late dinner at Zio's (I think that was the name of the place) Italian and talked about his recent vacations, New Mexico, role-playing games, and assorted other geeky stuff.

All in all a rather productive, relaxing weekend with good friends and good entertainment.

Plans for this week include looking at travel agencies for vacation packages someplace warm like Mexico, Brazil, or the Carribean. I need to bring my leather vest in for repairs. I need to schedule some conferences with HR and my Director at work expressing my interest in moving out of my current department and micromanaging boss. I hope to see if Diana wants to catch a movie, probably 'Big Fish' sometime this week.

Next weekend I'll be going down to visit my mom for her birthday with my sister. Maybe catch a ride with her and get my car's carpet padding replaced.
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