Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Chieftans Rock

Congrats to E. J. Jones, the best piper in Houston and member of the old band Clandestine, getting to play onstage with the Chieftans at Jones Hall. I feel like such a fanboy, but I've shook his hand and chatted with him. He's a great guy and I'm happy for him. What an entry for a musical resume! His band Willow will be playing at the Mucky Duck soon.

It was a truly great show, and we sat right next to the stage, first row (even though it was marked row 3). I could have tripped the dancers if I had wanted to reach out and do so.
We could even hear the little comments they whispered to each other. Great seats! Jones Hall was a bit warm inside but other than that it was a perfect night.

I'll write more about the evening later, especially the meal we had before.
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