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Damian's Italian

So before we went to Jones Hall I went to Jessica's. There I dropped off a treasure trove of my gaming books for her to look over and familiarlize herself with the rules and the basics of role-playing games. Nobilis, Amber Diceless, 3rd Ed. D&D Player's Handbook, and Mage are the books I loaned her.

I also had to lay down a bit because I had the dizzy bug again that night. She had it a few days prior so might have given it to me. She also suggested that it may be a symptom of Paxil withdrawl if I forget to take my dose, which I hadn't considered.

So Jessica and I decided to go out to eat before the Chieftans. I, being the Houston knowledgable person I am, suggested we go somewhere that had a shuttle to Jones Hall, as I had seen these shuttles quite frequently during my symphony subscription days. I thought they were free and came from Damian's and Brennan's restaurants. So after a quick phone call to Damian's to confirm that fact we departed for the restaurant.

Jessica pulled up to ask the valet where to park (irony?) and he directed her to the lot across the streets which had the confusing sign.

Damian's Customers
Do Not Park Here
Or You Will Be Towed.

Which I interepeted to mean we weren't suppossed to park there, but Jessica read to mean that we were. So we debated a bit, I suggested we valet it to be sure, but Jessica is stubborn (and also has never had her car towed). So we parked there and then double checked with the restaurant. Turns out we parked ok.

So then we are directed to our nice table, where we wait for quite a while before someone gets our drink orders. They screw mine up, as I ask for Malibu (Coconut Rum) and Coke and they bring me some very strong run that is not Malibu and Coke. So I complain as my sophisticated palate can definately tell the difference. The waiter though, instead of admitting the error and replacing my drink, swears it is Malibu but just very stong. Bullshit, I call as I can drink Malibu and Parrot Bay straight and this stuff is much stronger even mixed with coke. So he offers to take my drink back and add some more coke (as I'd taken a few swallows) and then brings me the correct drink which I guarantee was not the one he took away and added coke to. So that made me a bit grumpy. On the check after the meal it is marked Bacardi and Coke, so I take that as proof as well. So while this is going on (about 10 minutes) we wonder if we are going to get menus or if it they just are psychic and will bring us a meal. They finally bring bread and this yucky eggplant stuff. The bread isn't very good either. So then a few minutes later we finally get menus and the specials detailed to us.
I order the pork kabobs and Jessica orders Spagetti Carbonara and we agree to split a bowl of soup. So then when he brings the bowl or soup a few minutes later he brings just one bowl with two spoons and puts it between us! I mean come on!
So that coupled with the drink screw up and long waiting times for service make me quite disappointed so far.

On the plus side, the soup was very good. I had the Bean and Pasta soup which was in a vegetable stock. Jessica enjoyed her meal quite a bit, and my pork was good albeit a bit dry. The mushroom, crab, and crawfish topping were excellent along with the pasta. The rest of the meal were good and the shuttle service downtown was excellent. However, I would still rate this place well below Carabba's or Maggiano's.

(Cross-posted to HoustonTX with the first two personal introduction paragraphs removed.)

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